Vault of Glass Raid

I will add pics and more details soon. These are courtesy of StacherGhost


  1. There will 3 plates for us to step on, the left, right and middle plate. Schek will come with me on the left, Stereo with Hyxna on the middle and Slime with Mitch on the right.

  2. We need to step on these plates and defend them against Minotaurs who will try to step on them. Use shotguns.

  3. After a few minutes of doing this the door will open and we’ll proceed.

Part 2:

  1. Basically the same thing as part 1, we just have to defend 3 pillars against waves of enemies that will try to sacrifice themselves to the pillars.

  2. At first, there will only be 1 pillar for us to defend, that’s the middle pillar. Then comes the left and right pillars but the middle pillar’ll be gone. And then, comes all the pillars for us to defend against waves of enemies that’ll try to sacrifice themselves to the pillars

  3. Same strategy as part 1, Schek with me on the left, Stereo with Hyxna on the middle and Slime with Mitch on the right

Then there will be another part:

  1. For this part it’s pretty easy, there will be oracles; yellow rectangle thingy that will only show up for a few seconds before disappearing. We need to destroy the oracles before they disappear.

  2. There will be waves of oracles coming at us, 8 to be exact ( if I remember correctly ) with increasing number of oracles within each wave.

Part 3:

  1. I’ll use the relic. This is where we kill The Templar

  2. The Templar have a shield that you can’t shoot through. I will take down its shield with the relic and you guys will do damage to him while his shield is down.

  3. Shortly after I take down its shield, you will be trapped in a containment bubble. Shoot the bubble to destroy it and dont shoot rockets inside the bubble, you’ll kill yourself.

  4. After dealing some damage to the Templar he will teleport to a new location and we’ll repeat step 2-3.

Part 4:

  1. When we open the door, a big ass vex will appear at the middle so we need to kill that mofo immediately. Use your sniper

  2. Then we go to the left plate ( There’s only left and right plate ). We step on the plate, then a portal will appear. Me and Mitch go into the portal and do our stuff in there while everyone outside defend the plate against Minotaurs who will try to step on them just like in Part 1.

  3. After that, we will do the same thing on the right plate. Except this time me and Hyxna are gonna be the ones who’ll go into the portal while you guys protect the plate.

  4. Then, we go all go to mid to kill everything in sight.

Part 5:

  1. After we finish this part, Atheon will spawn in. After a few seconds, he will teleport three of us to either Venus or Mars. Venus is the green planet, Mars is the orange planet.

  2. There will be a relic for those who get teleported, someone is going to grab it and kill all the enemies while the other two will kill the oracles that will spawn in, just like the oracles in part 2.

  3. For those who didnt get teleported, you need to step on the plate that represents the planets to activate the portal so the other three can get out. Left plate is Mars and right plate is Venus. You can tell what planet the other three are teleported to by looking at the minimap; if you see green dots at the bottom left corner of the minimap, it means they’re on Mars and you need to step on the left plate. If you see green dots at the upper right corner on the minimap it means they are on Venus and you need to step on the right plate.

  4. After everyone have regrouped, we will all go to the middle platform. Relic holder will activate a bubble that you guys can shoot through and gain damage buff against Atheon. This is where we damage that mofo.

  5. The bubble will deactivate after a few seconds, then we’ll repeat step 1-4.