Tempest is the greatest video game ever created and I finally got one. The PCB is in nice shape. The interconnect between the two boards was fixed by a KLOV member named Talon2000 and it has worked flawlessly ever since. The cabinet is very clean with minor side art problems and there is no structural damage and the monitor just needed minor adjustments.The only thing we had to replace was the marquee because it was broke off in the corner but we will be replacing it again with the Phoenix Arcade version and the control panel overlay because although it’s okay, it is cracking and has a white mark I have never been able to remove. The edges we painted by hand and the front we painted black. The coin door was painted and the t-molding replaced. The coin door externally is fine but internally it was missing the coin mech for one side. Pretty much everything. I was able to get the parts from Kimodo (KLOV) and it looks freaking sweet now. I replaced the normally yellow ends on the wire with colored ones. Just to give it some color plus they actually help me to remember what is what.
I also replaced the serial number sticker because the one on mine was smeared. Another KLOVer (etienneodk) made re-productions. They are really awesome and dead on perfect. Someone else made reproduction spinner knobs. Thank God because someone was charging 50 fucking dollars for a NOS version. I got this game at the perfect time when everything was being reproduced. People have been waiting years for some of those parts.

If I could only have one game this would be it. I love this game more than any other game and that includes Mappy and Robotron.

Soon I will have some good photos of the difference in the Arcadeshop and Phoenix Arcade marquees and control panel overlays. I have no idea why they don’t have better photos on their site.

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