Tactile Inspiration

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I haven’t been writing music for a long time because truthfully I am bored. There are just so many ways to play a riff and metal and rock are so locked in when it comes to structure. I don’t listen to anything new because it sounds like it was mixed with headphones. Ultra-compressed guitars and the same old vocals and subjects. The last band that was truly exciting and in your face was Pantera. Not a single thing out there is even close to that kind of power. Thankfully I have Shreddage to create something unique but that’s for another post.

I found that recording can be cumbersome and not inspiring because it has all become software with no tactile feedback then I got a Novation Circuit and I felt inspired again. There is just something fulfilling about experimentation. Twisting knobs and creating new sounds you never heard. I have always loved synthesizers but never really put time into them because they weren’t a large part of what I was writing for and software synths can be cumbersome. Sure I could use a midi controller but it’s not like an actual synth that you can mess around with where you can just try things quickly on the fly, in real time. No dragging and clicking. The Novation Circuit is really an awesome little thing. I can play with it anytime and just make something. It is built like a rock and has a speaker built in so you can take it anywhere. It makes music fun again.

There are a lot of synths out these days. Roland released its boutique series which are exact reproductions of their famous synths like that Juno-60 and Juno-160. They are small little module synths that can reproduce the original sounds and you can tweak like crazy. The Juno 106 is used on just about every 80’s song out there. They are limited edition so I have to find one but they rereleased the TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines along with the Jupiter-08 and other famous synths.

I will probably pick up the synth from the Korg Volca series. Another little synth box that is ripe for experimentation.

The controller that ties this together is the Arturia Keystep. A seemingly simple controller with a unique step sequencer. It has CV Gate outputs so you can control vintage modern and vintage gear. I wanted something small that I could control different synths with but didn’t cost an arm and a leg. This was exactly what I was looking for.

Once I have it all the way I want it I will post a video of my setup. Time to go twist some knobs.