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20140331_081630This Sinistar that has definitely seen better days. The boards, power supply, controls, marquee, bezel and CRT are in good shape. The cabinet however looks like Sinistar himself threw it up. No worries though, this is the kind of shit I like to mess with. Seeing that this has some kind of veener on the sides and the front is MDF which has a little bit of water damage it’s going to be a lot of fun.

This project affords me the opportunity to do my first stencil creation and paint spraying. I was also thinking about how awesome Sinistar would be if it had some red hellish glow so I have some ideas for LEDS so I might try something out. I am taking out the flourescent bulb. I don’t care if it’s original I will use LEDS in the marquee.

Some Sinistar Info

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