MAME and Raspberry Pi Project

I finally got around to replacing my MAME machine with a Raspberry Pi. It’s almost done so I can finally finish this damn post. I got sidetracked by an injury but I’m feeling much better.

This is a really a cool project because I wanted to get the computer out of my Donkey Kong and I wanted to see just how ridiculous it would be to put the biggest monitor possible in a Nintendo cabinet which happens to be a 32″ lcd. Yes I know it’s crazy but Pac-Man is so bad ass when it’s big like that. As long as the scanline effect is on it looks good and it’s a lot of fun.

I am documenting this of course and here are the steps I took to get this working. There are a lot of guides out there on how to do this but this is NOT a full blown guide and it is not complete!!! You can message me if you get stuck but I just had to dig around the Internet. I probably won’t remember the answer anyways. That’s why I have Evernote.

This assumes you have some knowledge of Mame and Linux.For now we can start with how I setup the Pi. I tried PiPlay because it’s an all in one and I tried NOOBS but didn’t like them.  I also tried Retropie  (yes it should have e on pi because that is how it is named) but it was too complicated and I didn’t want to spend a lot of time doing this project. I finally settled on installing the Raspbian OS by itself and using Mame4all-PI. The menu is not as pretty but it works really well for me and it was the easiest solution if you ask me.


This is pretty basic stuff so I will just make it quick. Format the SD card with the options Quick Format and Size Adjustment On. After that use Windisk Imager and image the SD card with the Raspbian image. Now put the SD card in your Pi and turn it on. You are now installing Raspian.

During the install you will come to a config page. Choose Expand Filesystem  and Enable Advanced Options / SSH.


This one is really easy. I had issues with FTP and this server was super easy. Log into your Pi’s terminal and start typing

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install proftpd
  • Choose Standalone during install

Now that you have it you can type

  •  sudo service proftpd status
  • You should see ProFTPD is started in standalone mode, currently running.
  • ps -aux | grep proftpd (To check and make sure it’s working, like for sure.)
  • chkconfig proftpd on (In Case it doesn’t start)
  • ftp (Ip address of your IP)
  • sudo service proftpd restart (Restart the service)
  • Get you some Filezilla because it’s cool.

Here is the link that goes into further detail.


Finally Mame! Download Mame4all-pi.

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin/indiecity/InstalledApps/mame4all_pi/Full
FTP the zip file to the directory you just made
sudo mv /usr/local/bin/indiecity/InstalledApps/mame4all_pi/Full
cd /usr/local/bin/indiecity/InstalledApps/mame4all_pi/Full
sudo unzip
sudo ./


Mame4all-pi uses MAME 0.37b5 ROMS. Most of mine work and they are a more current set but these will work best. Where do you get them? Well I am not going to post a link but it doens’t take much effort to find places like retroroms. By the way if you are playing games older than the classics like Ms. Pac-Man you may need to overclock your pi. There are instructions on the Mame4all-pi page.

When you get some roms just put them in this folder


Now go to the folder


and type:


I will add video and controls soon.

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