Donkey Kong 3

Outside the arcade world you probably don’t remember Donkey Kong 3. This game really gets no love but there are a few people out there that appreciate just how much fun this game is.

I picked up this board from Komodo over at KLOV one lovely Saturday afternoon. As luck would have it I had just missed out on a full Donkey Kong 3 cabinet he had, I would love to have all three but it was not to be so I bought a board he had for my Donkey Kong cabinet.

There is one little problem with using it in my Donkey Kong. The DK3 PCB only uses an edge connector unlike DK and DKJr that have the plugs on the board. Ah so what to do? Got an adapter from Arcadeshop and it didn’t work. I guess I could have returned it but it’s not worth the time and effort so I will keep it and fix it when I have time. This leaves two options. Find a used harness or one of the Super Harness’ made by Dokert on KLOV.  There is another problem with that. He doesn’t make them all the time because he has other projects and a life I imagine. So I was at an impasse and the Arcade Gods decided to show me some favor and low and behold someone on KLOV was selling an unused Super Harness. Bam! Now that puppy is running in my Donkey Kong.

There wasn’t much to this project even though I try to only list projects I have going on in my life on here but we can just consider this little adventure an easy project. Maybe one day I will go ahead and get a cabinet but for now I am fine with it as it is. Now I just need a high score save kit.

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