Dig Dug Midlife Crisis

digdugI really love Dig Dug. I was telling my wife that if I could have any five arcade games that I would want definitely want Dig Dug. In some ways it reminds me of Pac Man. Basically you are Dig Dug and you dig through the dirt and kill Pookas and Fygars. You can pump them up and inflate them until they explode or drop rocks on them. That’s the jist of it really but it’s really a fun game. It is definitely on my list of games to get one day.

When I see a Dig Dug I always want to play it. Even after years and years if I see it I want to stick a quarter in and play. I remember when they built a skating rink behind our house. This was in the 80′s of course. We used to go there all the time but I wasn’t into skating. I skated when I was bored but the games were the thing that attracted me. If I didn’t have the quarters I would watch someone else. I’m sure many people my age remember putting your quarter on the machine claiming the next turn in line.

Fast forward to the present. We were talking the other day at work about what a mid life crisis is. My belief is that there is no such thing. Who makes the rule that you are having a crisis if you play old video games or drive a sports car? You reach a point in your life where you have some success and you can either go do the things you wanted to do, but maybe didn’t have the money for, or you can buy into the notion that your youth is gone and have on foot in the grave. It’s up to you.

If there was an arcade here then I would be driving my Black 2009 Mid Life Crisis Mustang up there to play some Mid Life Crisis Dig Dug. Looks like I will just have to buy a Dig Dug Mid Life Crisis Arcade Machine and play it at home. Even better.