Dig Dug / Galaga Missing ROM Issue Fix

I had a really hard time geting the Dig Dug and Galaga roms to work in MAME and when I searched the Internet I couldn’t find anything. The response I saw over and over was that the roms must not match the MAME version I was using but I had tried several and still nothing Then I stumbled onto the answer and it’s pretty simple, I was missing some other ROMS. The ones I was missing were the following:

 I just grabbed all the Namco ROMS and wasn’t sure which one was the problem but it works so I can’t complain. I found this problem with clrmamepro when I used it to verify my roms. I then went to retroroms and grabbed the Namco ROMS and the problem was solved. It is well worth it to learn to use clrmamepro even if it is really confusing. So there you go, if you get the error that you are missing ROMS or CHD then you probably need the namco5x.zip roms. Happy Dig Dugging!!!
Update: I was informed in the comments below that you only need Namco51 and Namco53. I haven’t tried just using those but it’s probably correct. If not then throw the rest in there.

13 thoughts on “Dig Dug / Galaga Missing ROM Issue Fix

  1. when these namco zips are downloaded where do you put them in the MAME folder…or do you put it in the rom contents?

  2. Awesome, totally worked! I was pulling my hair out and reading that these oldies didn’t even have a hard drive in the arcade so why would they run on with a chd file now? But it now works, thanks for the help.

  3. Dig Dug actually only requires namco51.zip and namco53.zip. You can determine a ROM’s dependencies with the following command (you may need to use mame64 instead of mame on Windows):

    mame -listroms digdug

    Also, there is no namco64.zip, but there is a namco62.zip.

    1. Thanks for the update. You are right about the Namco64. I probably mixed something up. Also, thanks for the command. I updated the post.

  4. Um , I downloaded all of these and had no change at all. Basically , I’m going to need to download a bunch more of different galaga roms just to see if any of them work with this. Unless , one of you are forgetting to tell me that I should unzip and extract the files somewhere. SPECIFIC DETAILS ARE VERY IMPORTANT! This is like the time I was trying to figure out how to download and use the HUD in a shellnut by 123pendejos, but in that situation , I never got it fixed. IV’E BEEN GOING THROUGH HELL JUST TO TRY TO GET THIS SHIT TO WORK , HELP ME OUT!

  5. Okay unlike other website admins I don’t give two shits about your installation because of your condescending attitude. No one here owes you anything. No one has to help you. The information I post is free. I don’t have to put any details at all if I don’t want so sit down, shut up, and reread the comments before you blow up on my site.

    1. It didn’t work for everyone because their version of Mame is different than what I use. If you went to retroroms.net you will see there are different versions of the roms.

    2. Roms go in the Roms folder. If you look at the files you unzipped then common sense would tell you that’s where they go.

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