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About a year ago I bought Destiny, a science fiction first-person shooter that also incorporates a lot of things from massive multiplayer online games and  RPGs (Role Playing Game). There are 4 alien races you are fighting against that are fighting each other with a 5th new race taken from them all and under the power of a guy named Oryx.  It is an ever increasing Universe with a ten year roadmap.

When I first got it I gave it up because it just dropped you in an area and you have no idea what was going on. It had no story really and that is boring to me. Bungie did not do a god job of explaining anything. One of the basic rules of game creation is that you teach the user through early gameplay the rules and mechanics of the game. I know how to play a FPS but what about someone that had never played one. They would be totally lost. It was just boring and so I said whatever and moved on. This was later rectified through expansion packs.

A few months ago I was wanting to play a game with my son that we both liked. He was asking to play Battlefield 4 but he is six and shooting other humans is not what I want him doing at this point. I thought about it and since there is no shooting of humans and no blood in Destiny then he could play a little. Also, I bought it through the Playstation store so I couldn’t trade it in. I was stuck with it so I had nothing to lose by trying again. This quickly lead to he and I spending much more time together because it is something we both have fun doing. He is very competitive and so am I, so it has made for some very interesting conversation.

Later I wanted to join a clan so I could get through the rougher parts of the game but so many of them are basically just elitist assholes that think their shit don’t stink, but if assholes stink and they’re an asshole then that means their shit stinks. I also don’t like using a microphone. It’s just not my thing, maybe because I’m old school. Anyways I found a clan called The Silent Light and it’s for people that are deaf and anyone that doesn’t want to use a mic. I think the industry doesn’t take into account those that can’t hear so this is a great thing for deaf people. It’s a great clan for those with social anxiety also.

It takes much more co-operation to make a plan and execute it without talking. We plan out the raid and use signals during the game to get the job done. This clan has completed everything on hard so it can be done. We use a Skype chatroom to talk in between runs and to bs when we are just playing or doing whatever and it’s a lot of fun. So if you have hearing impairment, anxiety, or just don’t like listening to internet assholes then join us on our crusade to destroy Oryx and his Mama.

The Silent Light Clan

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