I am obsessed with Rubik’s cube and this obsession is deeply rooted in my childhood. I think it comes from a specific moment when I was watching my older cousin solve the cube. The solving of the cube mesmerized me. It was like magic.

He was older than me and I had no older siblings so I was in awe of his mastery and seemingly effortless skill in solving the puzzle. After he passed away several years ago I decided to learn how to solve the cube. Thanks Keith!

The cube is a seemingly simple puzzle but what you have to realize is that very few people actually solve the cube. Most people learn the algorithms needed to finish the cube but have not actually figured it out. It still take a lot of time to memorize the algorithm, it took me two weeks. Actually solving the cube took Rubik over a month and he thought it might be impossible to solve at first. To those few that figure it out with no help at all, you have my sincere respect and admiration.

As you are learning these algorithms you start to see how things move on the cube. At first you know that if you twist the right turns you will get the cubes where you want and it’s all like magic but after a while you can start to find different ways to do it and see how things are moving around. I have to warn you that it’s like anything else. Once you know how it works you can never turn back, the mystery is gone. So you have been warned.

If that is okay with you here is the easiest solution I know of. This is a layer by layer method in which you do not need to know any cube notation. The very last step of the puzzle I use a different method because it was more straight forward. Takes me about 2 to 3 minutes to finish it and that’s pretty slow these days.

Cube Solution

Easier Finishing Move

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