Crota’s End Raid


Before You Begin
This is easy without a mic. The key is when you wipe, and you will wipe, figure out what went wrong when you respawn. We use Skype. We just chat it out real quick. Then we run again. Some of us have done this superfast and others it has taken hours (Me) but either way you just keep trying. Watch videos on youtube. That is when instructions made sense to me.
The Hellmouth

  • Stand on the circular plate
  • The bridge will start to form
  • Once formed, cross the bridge
  • Jump into the pit

The Abyss

Everyone run to the first lamp
Stay Together
Weight of Darkness will accumulate
Double Jump is not possible
At each lamp Weight of Darkness reduced
Move from lamp to lamp
Lamp will turn red and explode
Kill Thrall and Avoid Pits
Map of Abyss /

At the end stand on the plate
The bridge will start forming
Three knights and an Ogre will spawn
Once bridge is formed run to the white light

You only need one person to make it
If so you will all move to the next round

The Bridge

You should see three plates from your spawn position
The middle starts the bridge building
The left and right activate the two totems
Don’t leave the plates more than ten seconds
Two players go to the left and right
Two players go to the middle
When it starts kill everything

Aa Swordbearer will spawn, (A red knight with a sword)
KIll him and One players take the sword
Cross the bridge is it is finished
Kill the Gatekeeper, (A green knight with a sword)
He can only be killed with the Swordbearer’s Sword
The sword only lasts one minute
Crossing without the sword is instant death

Next up is someone on the right plate
Kill Sowrdberarer
Take Swordbearer sword
Cross, Kill Gatekeeper
Stay on right plate

Next up is someone on the left plate
Kill Sowrdberarer
Take Swordbearer sword
Cross, Kill Gatekeeper
Stay on left plate

Each plate on the other side should have one person on it
Just like on the original side
On the original side you can get off the plates

The last three repeat process
One at a time
Kill Swordbearer
Take Swordbearer sword
Cross Kill Gatekeeper

Fight off hive
Kill two Ogres
The rest despawn
Run a gauntlet of enemies
Just run and jump into the pit

If you are fast enough
Jump over the pit into a chest room
The door does not stay open long
One the first three have crossed
The last three jump to their death
On the other side
The three players stay on their plate
Kill both Ogres and the rest despawn
Run the gauntlet
Jump in the pit
All members will spawn at the next part

Instructions with layout

Ir Yut, the Deathsinger

Split into two group
One goes left and one goes right
Run up the stairs turn around and jump to the towers
One player each side just go to top of stairs into room
(Hunter works best when cloaked)

There is a witch in the room
Piss him off and he will follow you out into the open
Jump back to the tower
Everyone blast him when he comes out

Now everyone go in and take out the Shriekers
Take out Ir-Yut
Take our Knights and Acolytes
This is timed / 3 minutes after entering area
You must kill Ir-Yut as fast as possible
If not you will be wiped

Crota, Son of Oryx

First: Health will not regenerate
You need the Chalice of Light
Pass it between yourselves
We just try not to get killed

You start in the room where Ir-Yut was
Everyone stand next to the crystal
Crota Appears
Alcolytes and Knights appear behind a barrier
The barrier will drop
Kill everything

Everyone group up and go out and around the corner
Jump onto the ledge which is outside the starting room
When the Swordbearer comes out snipe him
Snipe other enmies down there
DO NOT kille the Knights in the tower

Now the tricky part
One of you jump down and grab the sword
One of you (Titan) jump over to the right side
Pop a bubble close to the Knights
Draw the Knights attention but DON’T kill them
The other four (LedgeGuys)
provide covering fire for the one getting the Sword

Now the SwordGuy will go to the right side of Crota’s platform
Titan keep agitating the Knights
Don’t kill the knights though
SwordGuy point so the four on ledge know you are ready
They will see the message “So and so points
LedgeGuys fire Gallys or whatever at Crota
This will take out his shield momentarily
Crota will kneel and be stunned for a few seconds
SwordGuy jumps up on platform and hits Crota twice
Swordguy runs and goes back to ledge
Swordbearer comes out again and repeat
Same player or another can do it
Doesn’t matter but we send the best at it

If Crota walks off the platform to the left or right
Everyone go back inside the room and wait
Watch out for the Knights when running back in
Wait inside the room
It is shielded
He will just point at you
You can dance or do like me
Point back and talk smack
He will go back to the center
Go back out and get on the ledge and start again
Rpeeat until he is dead

Shoot your gun in the air
Point you Gally down and kill yourself

Credit to StachGhost. I started with his instructions when making this.