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I remember the day that I bought the album Master of Puppets. I really had not heard anything from Metallica except for Fade to Black but I didn’t quite get it at that time, but Master of Puppets was different. The back cover of the album had four guys that looked like me and my friends. There was no leather or glam in that picture just a big fuck you, we are who we are. Now mind you I really had no idea what I was buying. I was still in that stage where you are swayed by packaging and what’s cool at the time. I was a kid you know and I had not found that sound that would define my youth but it was coming very soon.

When I returned home I pulled out the record and it went straight on the turntable. I had just started playing guitar about a year before so I really wanted to hear the guitars. I stood there and waited and then the intro to Battery started. It’s a Spanish flavored guitar playing the main theme and then the boom of guitars and drums playing the same theme as the intro. All this is just a precursor of what you are about to hear is going to slay you. Then drums and bass slam on the chords E5, B5, G5m and B/D#. Then just one guitar starts playing the most incredible riff I had ever heard. Mindblown, I was completely taken back by this freight train of ferocity. This steamroller of aggression, anger, and violence. Were they really playing that fast? Was it possible? The soundtrack of my youth had just begun. I read the words and I knew I had found something for me. It was like poetry to me the way the Hetfield’s lyrics were written. I listened to that song over and over that day knowing that I had made a connection to something more. Something that felt real to me. Something that would soon consume all my attention.

Music is so deeply ingrained in my brain that I hear it constantly. I can’t sleep sometimes because of this and I am often awed at being able to hear songs from somewhere inside my mind. There are so many riffs from songs yet to be. My life has been shaped so deeply by music and that one event set me on a course that led me on a wonderful musical journey with friends and has allowed me to connect music to other events and made my life that much richer.

All because of Battery.

Who would have thought these guys would become the biggest band in the world?

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