Tactile Inspiration

I haven’t been writing music for a long time because truthfully I am bored. There are just so many ways to play a riff and metal and rock are so locked in when it comes to structure. I don’t listen to anything new because it sounds like it was mixed with headphones. Ultra-compressed guitars and the […]

Cube Collecting

My cube collection is small as you can see but I am always on the hunt for new cubes. So far the V-Cubes are the best. The 2x2x2, 3x3x3, and 4x4x4 all work very well. The 5x5x5 and 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 are a little stiff but a little graphite will help that out. The cubes […]


About a year ago I bought Destiny, a science fiction first-person shooter that also incorporates a lot of things from massive multiplayer online games and  RPGs (Role Playing Game). There are 4 alien races you are fighting against that are fighting each other with a 5th new race taken from them all and under the power of […]


I remember the day that I bought the album Master of Puppets. I really had not heard anything from Metallica except for Fade to Black but I didn’t quite get it at that time, but Master of Puppets was different. The back cover of the album had four guys that looked like me and my […]

Ms. Pac-Man

This Ms. Pac-Man works and it will need to be repainted. Needs a little work around the edges but the woodworking is manageable. It has a speedup chip but the sound drops a few minutes after play is started. Other than that it plays fine. I already have the new bezel, marquee, and CPO from […]

Robotron 2084

This machine is in really good condition. A few of the sounds (between stages) are missing and it resets randomly but they aren’t exactly known for stability. I got lucky with this machine in that they are really popular and when one comes up for sale it is usually gone pretty quickly. A guy contacted […]

K’Nex Project

I am not really into Legos and never have been. I’m sure you can make some really neat things with them but my mind doesn’t care for them. I bought my kid some K’Nex and we started building things with them and I really liked them. In fact I liked them so much so that our […]

Theatre of Magic

I finally got my first pin and so far I have been very happy with it. Theatre of Magic is a really fun game and I still enjoy playing it. The theme is fun and the average person can get it because it’s just abut a magic show. Originally it was to be a David […]

Dig Dug

Everything works on this machine so it’s fully playable. The wear is average for this game but it will need the marquee, bexel, and cpo replaced. I won’t be spraying this one since the sideart is printed. I got this from bagheera369 on KLOV and the monitor was capped by KrisK. I really like Dig […]


This thing is a real mess. It needs a lot and I mean a lot of work. I have contemplated letting it go but this is a real challenge and I will learn a lot from this machine. I was never a huge Defender fan so if I can get it up and running I […]


This Sinistar that has definitely seen better days. The boards, power supply, controls, marquee, bezel and CRT are in good shape. The cabinet however looks like Sinistar himself threw it up. No worries though, this is the kind of shit I like to mess with. Seeing that this has some kind of veener on the sides […]

DK PCB From Hell

I am thoroughly convinced that my Donkey Kong PCB is the Devil. When I got it, it worked fine for a few months and then the sprites went missing. Sprites are the moving graphics, you know the barrels coming at you, Jumpman running. I really wanted to get it fixed so I sent it off to onecircuit.com. This […]

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong was our first restoration. Now before I go on I want to clarify that by restoration I mean getting it back to looking good. I am not trying to make it perfect as if it just rolled off the assembly line. It would take an incredible amount of detail work. You just can’t […]

MAME Project

Setting up MAME can be hell if you are a newbie. You can get the basics going but after that it’s onto multiple sites and multiple forums and so on. So I wrote down what I did to make it a little easier. To start off there are a few questions you have to ask […]

Donkey Kong 3

Outside the arcade world you probably don’t remember Donkey Kong 3. This game really gets no love but there are a few people out there that appreciate just how much fun this game is. I picked up this board from Komodo over at KLOV one lovely Saturday afternoon. As luck would have it I had […]

MAME Control Panel

I believe that you should do whatever you want with your arcade cabinets and that people should respect your decisions. They may not agree with them but respect them at least. I understand people becoming upset if you are trashing everything inside of the cabinet, especially if the game is rare or hard to find, but […]


Tempest is the greatest video game ever created and I finally got one. The PCB is in nice shape. The interconnect between the two boards was fixed by a KLOV member named Talon2000 and it has worked flawlessly ever since. The cabinet is very clean with minor side art problems and there is no structural damage […]


Husband • Father • Musician • Writer • Composer • Gamer • Arcadist • Cubist • Freelance Troublemaker My blog is about whatever project or projects I am working on at any one time, and some things I like and want to talk about. I decided if I was going to have a blog it should be something […]

Dig Dug Midlife Crisis

I really love Dig Dug. I was telling my wife that if I could have any five arcade games that I would want definitely want Dig Dug. In some ways it reminds me of Pac Man. Basically you are Dig Dug and you dig through the dirt and kill Pookas and Fygars. You can pump […]